Refections from our latest Good Childhood report

Teenage girl looking thoughtful with tea in hand leaning against door

Our reflection, 'A Topsy-Turvy Kingdom: What does the Kingdom of God mean for children facing mounting problems in their lives?' has been written to reflect on the nationally heralded findings from our latest Good Childhood Report.

The Good Childhood Report 2017 provides fresh insight into children’s well-being, in children and young people’s own words. The voices of young people indicate that they are not happy in every area of their lives, with fear of crime lowering children’s well-being. One in three teenage girls are afraid of being followed by a stranger and one in four boys are worried they’ll be assaulted.

Throughout the narrative of the Gospels, Jesus tells the religious teachers that they are completely wrong about their understanding of God’s action in the world. God does not prefer those who keep all religious commandments, nor those who have great wealth. In fact, in Matthew 5 Jesus describes those facing difficult situations as ‘blessed’. Those who aren’t safe, aren’t loved and can’t cope all have a place in the Kingdom of God.

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