Christingle provides a fantastic opportunity to bring your church and community together and support vulnerable children across the country

several people holding Christingles

As well as being a fun-filled activity to teach children the gospel, Christingle creates cherished memories for the whole community too. Adults and young people alike enjoy the  special warmth of the lit candles and the opportunity to engage more deeply with their faith.

Reflection and worship

The Christingle acts as a powerful reminder of the message of hope and peace brought to us through the Gospel, providing an opportunity for us to reflect upon its meaning in a fresh way. We supply a number of resources for you to use before and during your service to help convey the symbolism of the Christingle and its meaning for us today.

An opportunity for celebration

Together with support from the church, Christingle has enabled us to make a huge difference to the lives of thousands of children over the last 49 years. There’s nothing greater than seeing a child’s life transformed for the better, and that’s definitely something worth celebrating.

By taking part in Christingle, your church can also play a huge part in this transformation, and enjoy your Christingle all the more with the knowledge that you are doing something so significant. Plus, you can get your whole community involved too.

Find out more about how Christingle helps children.

Making your Christingle count

We have compiled a handful of top ideas to make sure your Christingle makes a lasting impression on your congregation and an impact on the lives of vulnerable children.

Give a collection candle to the younger members of your community or youth group several weeks before your Christingle service

This is a great way to get young people to play a part in raising money and sharing what they’ve learned with their families - just be sure to remind them to bring the candles back! If you are hosting a school at your Christingle you could hand them out to the pupils there and have a competition to see which class can raise the most money. 

Hold a collection during the celebration

Give out collection envelopes to attendees either before or on the day of your Christingle celebration. You could send the envelopes out with your parish newsletter and ask for them to be returned at the event.

Hold a Christingle cake sale

Why not prepare some Christingle-themed drinks and snacks and ask people to give a donation for them? You can use your leftover oranges to make marmalade, or even orange-flavoured Christingle muffins.

For other great ideas for things to do with your oranges after your event, order our arts and crafts downloadable resource.