Take on an exhilarating UK Bungee jump from an incredible 160 feet

UK Bungee Jumping 

Where: Choose a location below hosting 160 ft bungee jumps
When: Check the availability for your location when you register

About: Targeting everyone with a taste for adventure, bungee jumping is an activity that the vast majority of people are capable of undertaking. 

Operating at various locations nationwide, including London, Windsor, Manchester, Bristol and Glasgow – you’re sure to find a great location with stunning views. There are also options for locations which host bungee jumps once a year like Brighton, Birmingham, Cambridge and even Northern Ireland! 

No experience is required and you can feel the adrenaline rush as you jump from 160 feet for an incredible experience – and certainly one that you will never forget!

Interested in taking part in 2019? Contact us below.

Registration fee: £60
Minimum sponsorship requirement: £395

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We will support you every step of the way

  • Receive first-class service and support from our dedicated team
  • Get your own branded t-shirt
  • Have access to a wealth of fundraising support and resources, including regular updates
  • Get expert training and nutritional advice
  • Have the experience of taking on an exciting challenge that will make a difference to children and young people who feel scared, unloved and unable to cope. Because together we can make sure no child feels alone.