Test your mental strength, endurance, grit and perseverance in the Spartan Super

Spartan Super

Where & when:
7 April 2018 - South East - St Clere, Kent
23 June 2018 - South West - Gloucestershire
14 July 2018 - Marston Lodge - Midlands
16 September 2018 - Perth - Scotland
7 October 2018 - Windsor - Berkshire
About: The Spartan Super is the middle distance course, which has a longer distance than the Sprint and more obstacles. It will test your endurance, perseverance and grit and is for those who consider themselves a more seasoned athlete determined to push beyond excuses. As the second race in the Spartan Trifecta, the Super is where you prove to yourself you’ve got everything it takes to face the next step, with the Spartan Beast. 
Serving up 24-29 signature Spartan obstacles and 8-10 miles of rugged terrain, the Spartan Super spares no one. Expect a serious challenge as you race across the technical terrain of hills, water and forest trails. Don’t miss your chance to take on the most fantastic and difficult obstacles on each course – it’s time to take on the Spartan Super. 
Reg fee: £54
Minimum Sponsorship: £150


Did you know that you can also become a member of the Spartan TRIFECTA Tribe by finishing one of each Spartan distance: Sprint, Super and Beast in 2018? 

Make your races count and complete all three races this year for a fee of only £169! (minimum sponsorship for Trifecta: £450)

Sprint: 5km+, 20+ obstacles
Super: 13km+, 25+ obstacles
Beast: 20km+, 30+ obstacles



We will support you every step of the way

By running in an obstacle race as part of our team you’ll receive:

  • First-class service from our dedicated events team
  • Our branded running vest, personalised with your name
  • Fundraising support and resources, including email updates and invaluable fundraising advice
  • The knowledge that you will be helping a wide range of children and young people who urgently need someone to be there for them, when they have nowhere left to turn
  • You’ll be doing something amazing, by taking on a challenge and something which you enjoy, whilst also doing something good to improve the lives of the UK’s most vulnerable children and young people.