When applying for a collections permit, you may be asked to provide evidence of Public Liability insurance before a permit can be issued

TCS workers with collection buckets

What is Public Liability Insurance?

In a nutshell, public liability is an insurance policy which covers us in the case of accidents or damage occurring as a result of your collection and would contribute towards any legal, medical or compensation fees.

It is our responsibility to hold the policy, not yours; this is because it specifically applies to companies rather than individuals.

How to provide proof of the policy

You can download a copy of the letter from our insurers and supply this alongside your permit application.

Advice on staying safe

Common sense is the key when you are handling donations. Here are a few tips we recommend following to help keep you safe when you’re collecting:

  • Try to not make it obvious that you are handling cash when leaving the site (e.g. place the collection bucket inside another container to conceal it) and pay in the money as soon as possible
  • Where possible, always have two or more of you present when carrying and counting money
  • All that spare change can get surprisingly heavy when it adds up – make sure you are sharing the physical load appropriately, during and after the collection. You should also plan ahead to factor in how long you are comfortable to walk or stand for.


More general advice on applying for a collections permit can be found in our handy guide and example application.

You can also contact our friendly Supporter Care team:

Tel: 0300 303 7000