Useful information about permits to help with your collection

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Permit information for different event locations

If you are collecting in a public location that is not your own venue then you will most likely have to apply for a collection permit. The appropriate person to contact for a permit will vary depending on the location you choose to hold your collection. Below you will find information relevant for each scenario to help you obtain a permit.

Collecting door-to-door

The Children’s Society holds a National Exemption order, which allows door-to-door collections to take place with no need for a formal licence. If you are collecting outside of the Collection for Children dates (Saturday 14 April - Saturday 28 April 2018) it is advised that you notify your local council of your collection to make sure you don't clash with another charity. You do not need a copy of the National Exemption order but if you would like an official letter of authority for peace of mind please do contact our friendly Supporter Care team at or on 0300 303 7000, who will be happy to help. 

Collecting at train or tube stations

If you would like to collect at a train station (out of London) you will need to contact the station directly to find out what they require to reserve a permit at your favoured time.

If you would like to collect at a tube station please contact who will be able to support you in applying for a permit with TfL.  

Collecting at supermarkets or other private businesses

For any private locations such as supermarkets, shopping centres or large retail stores you will need to contact them directly to find out how to apply for a collection slot.

Collecting in public locations like streets, villages or town centres

You will need to contact the local authority or council. The council website will let you know what process you need to go through to apply, usually it will just be an application form. You can find an example application form, and answers to questions that are commonly asked on them, in our permit application guide.

It is worth first calling the local authority to check availability and see if the dates that you want to collect on are available. Some councils will be very forthcoming about what dates are free to collect or offer you alternative dates. Don’t worry if you can’t get through to them or the person can’t give you further information over the phone, most councils will tell you everything you need to know via email.

Pop a reminder in your diary to follow it up if you haven’t heard anything back from the council two to four weeks after you sent the application off to check they have received it and your request is being processed. Most concils will have a 28 day processing period for permit applications. 

Top information to include in your permit application

Every permit is different, and may ask lots of information about The Children’s Society, below are some of the most common pieces of information that councils ask for. If anything else crops up that you don’t know the answer to email us at or phone 0300 303 7000.

Aims and objectives of the charity:

The Children's Society is a national charity that runs local services for children and young people suffering extreme hardship, abuse or neglect. The money raised in this collection will aid their campaigning work and services to support vulnerable children and young people.

Public liability insurance:

You may be asked to provide proof of our Public Liability insurance. You can find out what this is and how you can demonstrate our policy on our public liability page

Information about finances:

You can download a copy of our financial reports and attach it to the application. You can also summarise this by using 'Where your money goes' information on our website

They may also ask for information about the how the money will be banked and who is responsible for checking it.
Accountant: Paul Robbs De La Hoyde / Title: Head of Finance / Address: Edward Rudolf House, Margery Street, London, EC1X WJR

Contact information for The Children’s Society: 
Supporter Care team
T: 0300 303 7000
Address: Edward Rudolf House, Margery Street, London, WC1X 0JL 
Charity Number: 221124
VAT Number: 626649317