Whether you’re organising your first Christingle celebration or you've been doing so for years, it’s important to plan well in advance of your event

Person pinning a Christingle poster

Top tips

There are a number of things to think about when planning your event, including:

1. Sort out the basics

Picking a time, date and location should always be your first step. You can hold your Christingle service whenever you like – though if you’re holding a celebration in a school, they often make for a great end of term event before everyone breaks up for the Christmas holidays.

Celebrations typically take place between Advent (four weeks before Christmas) and Candlemas (2 February), but you can hold your event at other times if you wish – we would recommend the autumn and winter months, as the lit candles don’t have quite the same impact in the middle of summer!

If you don’t have the space to host a celebration yourself, why not partner up with your local church or school and see if you can host an event together?

2. Decide how you’re going to fundraise

All funds raised through Christingle help to make a huge difference to the stories of the children and young people we work with. To make sure that your event has as much impact as possible, it’s important that you take the time to consider exactly how you’re going to fundraise.

You can hold a collection during your celebration using our collection envelopes, give out collection candles, or even do a Christingle cake sale. Remember, you can make your fundraising go even further by encouraging your guests to Gift Aid their donations. If you’re fundraising with a school there are plenty of ways to get the pupils involved in the fundraising too. 

3. Gather your resources and spread the word

We have posters, leaflets and invitations available to help you reach out to your local community and involve as many people as possible. We can help promote your event to your local community - let us know when and where your Christingle is taking place and we'll promote the details on our website.

We also provide worship resources and teaching resources, to help make the most of your Christingle in your school or church. Find out more about the resources we provide, which will be free to download or order in the autumn.

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