Christingle has been helping to transform the lives of children for almost half a century

A young girl looking at the camera

Now in its 49th year, Christingle continues to bring hope to thousands of children and young people by providing vital support for our services, and our policy, lobbying and research work.

By taking part in Christingle this year, you can help us change the lives of even more children in this country who don't feel safe, loved, or able to cope.

Transforming the lives of vulnerable children

Over £1 million is raised at Christingle events each year. These funds are vital in helping us to continue supporting vulnerable children and young people, ensuring that no child feels alone. The benefits of Christingle extend far beyond funds, but also in terms of enthusiasm, inspiration and joy. The lit Christingles represent hope in the darkness, and the services bring communities together and leave attendees with that feeling of enthusiasm and joy.

Listening and supporting

Thanks to our supporters and Christingle events we’re able to provide a network of services all over the country for vulnerable children who feel they have no one they can turn to for help. Last year we worked with 13,000 children and young people between the ages of 10 and 18. We work with children and young people who have had traumatic experiences, who aren’t seen, aren’t understood, and help them to find the strength they need to cope. We bring together what’s needed to help them lead the life they should have and realise their potential.

Calling on those in power

We carry out research, policy and campaign work to find real solutions to the problems children and young people are facing. Our research investigates the issues affecting children, providing a broader perspective on what children want and need. We then lobby and inform the government and decision makers to tackle injustices and protect children from harm. We made 27 national and local policy changes that improved the lives of more than 3 million children and young people in 2016.  

There’s more to do

We want to make sure more children have the security, stability and love they need to give them a fair chance in life, and are working to create a country where every child has somewhere to turn, wherever they are. We can only do this by coming together and making sure no child feels alone. Christingle is a message of hope that this can be achieved. It enables us to continue our vital services, continue our policy work campaigning and research, to bring about practical work and recommendations to make a country where no child feels alone.

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