Join over one million people sharing the light of Christ. We’ve got a range of service ideas to make planning you Christingle celebration easy

Christingle characters together

Wherever you Christingle, in church school or community, our service ideas and plans make it easy to start Christingling. We’ll support you with our free resources and even promote your celebration on our website.  Below are some ideas to help you share the light and make a difference to young people in the darkest situations.

Messy Christingle

Messy Church is a hugely popular informal service for all where adults and children can explore faith in a celebratory way. We’re working in partnership with Messy Church to bring you a family-friendly Christingle resource. If you want to share the light in your community in a fun, creative way, a Messy church is the way to go!


A seasonal Christingle service

Christingles can complement other key dates like the start of Advent, Christmas Eve, or Candlemas. Take a look at our Seasonal Worship resources which include prayers, talks, service outlines and liturgy if you’re looking for Christingle ideas that fit with another theme or particular readings.

Human Christingles

Bring your community together to share the story of Jesus whilst having some fun.

Why not get creative by dressing up as a Christingle or by using recycled materials to make the biggest Christingle you can!

Nativity rhyme

We know lots of nativity services happen at the same time of year as Christingle and it can be tricky to fit everything in.

We’ve worked with Bob Hartman, storyteller and author of the Lion Storyteller Bible, on a Nativity Rhyme, which combines Christingle and the nativity! It’s huge amounts of fun, which we hope will leave your whole congregation smiling.

Make the most of your oranges

Does someone in your congregation own a juicer? Bring it along and make your Christingles into fresh orange juice to enjoy together after the service.

Or, why not collect in the oranges and make your own marmalade.

Have you got a brilliant idea you want to share or tried a theme that’s worked really well for your church? Join our Facebook group and share it with others.

Our free resources make holding a Christingle easy. We are currently busy preparing resources to make your 2020/21 Christingle a success.