Christingle prayer ideas

Two young girls praying in church at Christmas

We have a wealth of Christingle prayer ideas to use at your service. From Christmas prayers for children's services to our special Christingle anniversary prayer, we’re sure to have something suitable for your service or Christingle event. All resources are free to download or order from our online shop.

The Christingle 50 prayer

God of all,

We give thanks for 50 years of Christingle,

and all that Christingles symbolise:

coming together; light in the darkness; and a future hope.

May the orange at the centre remind us

of the amazing earth you have created.

May the red ribbon remind us of your love,

wrapped around the earth.

May the cocktail sticks remind us

of the part we play in your world.

May the brightly lit candle remind us of the

light you shine into dark places.

We give thanks for the impact Christingle services

have on the lives of vulnerable children,

and we ask that you help us to work together in this 50th year,

to ensure that no child feels alone.



A Messy Church Christingle prayer

This can be done with a few willing volunteers who, if holding Christingles, can touch the relevant part of it during prayer.

We think about our world…..Jesus, please let your love and light fill the whole world, especially the darkest places.

We think about your love wrapping the world like a beautiful gift ribbon and we pray for anyone who feels they are outside that loving hug.

We think about the gifts you’ve provided for us – the fruits of the seasons and the abundance of good things.

Please help us to enjoy what you’ve given us, to be thankful and never take it for granted, and to make sure everyone in our community has a fair share.



A Christingle prayer for children and the work of The Children’s Society

Lord Jesus,

born in a stable,

yet surrounded by love,

we pray for all children,

that they may be nurtured in communities of care.

Lord in your mercy,

Hear our prayer.


Lord Jesus,

cradled in a manger,

kept warm and protected from harm,

we pray for children and young people who feel unsafe and afraid.

Help them to find places of safety.

Lord, in your mercy,

Hear our prayer.


Lord Jesus,

worshipped by shepherds and kings,

we pray for the work of The Children’s Society

and all those who form communities of support around vulnerable children and young people.

Lord, in your mercy,

Hear our prayer.


Lord Jesus,

God with us,

we pray for children and young people who feel alone,

please give them someone to support and help them.

Lord, in your mercy,

Hear our prayer.



Additional Christingle service ideas