Christingle provides a fantastic opportunity for children and young people to learn and grow

Three boys smiling and holding Christingle candles

As well as being a wonderful opportunity to come together and celebrate with your community, the themes which surround Christingle are great for helping children and young people to play an active role in supporting others.

Bringing your community together

Christingle celebrations are brilliant for bringing together different sections of the community. You could partner with your local church, schools, or even residential homes for the elderly, helping to spread the joy even further.

When planning and promoting your celebration, it’s always good to think about who else might like to be involved.

Getting creative

We’ve created a number of games, arts and crafts and other resources to help make your Christingle celebration as enjoyable as possible. If you’re looking for a really creative challenge, we recommend you have a go at creating a giant Christingle – an activity the whole group can be part of.

Making your Christingle count

As well as inspiring your group to help other children, fundraising through your Christingle celebrations provides a practical way for them to make a difference to children across the country.

We've gathered a handful of top ideas for fundraising at your group:

1. Give a collection candle to each member several weeks before your main Christingle celebration

This is a great way for children to share the importance of Christingle with their families - just be sure to remind everyone to bring the candles back!

2. Encourage members to give out collection envelopes to their friends and family

Give out collection envelopes to parents either before or on the day of your Christingle celebration. You could send the envelopes out with invitations to your event and ask the children to bring them back in time for your celebration.