Join us in celebrating the 50th anniversary of Christingle

This is a very special year for Christingle, as it marks 50 years since we held the first Church of England Christingle service in this country.

We hope that you will join us in celebrating this anniversary, helping to make this the biggest year for Christingle yet. Do use our ideas to find something special for your Christingle celebration.

Attend a christingle

Throw a birthday party for Christingle

As we’re celebrating 50 years, why not incorporate a birthday party into your celebration?

This idea will make a good follow-on from your service, and provide an opportunity for you to get to know people who might not regularly attend events like Christingle. We’ve got some suggestions of themed decorations and games to help you celebrate with your local community:

  • share a Christingle birthday cake, or birthday cupcakes
  • party bags with dolly mixture, satsumas or cartons of orange juice
  • decorate your venue with orange balloons and red/gold streamers
  • give out party poppers (to the adults!)

For a Christingle birthday party with a twist…

  • To transport you back to 1968, try a retro/vintage Christingle party with music and dress up from the 1960s.
  • Create a Christingle time capsule –bury it near your church or school, with messages/prayers, photos etc to open at a future Christingle service – 60, 75, or even 100!

Hold a pre-Christingle crafts day in your church

You can make decorations for your service, or build fun games like Christingle Skittles or Pin the Candle on the Christingle. We suggest how in our arts and crafts resource.

Build a giant Christingle

See how big you can make a giant Christingle using materials you’d otherwise recycle. Share a photo of your church’s magnificent creation with us on Twitter at @childrensociety using #christingle50

Hold an all-age Christingle

A great idea for churches and events where there’ll be all-age congregations, an all-age Christingle is a brilliant way to celebrate the last 50 years of Christingle.

Spread your invites far and wide to get someone born in each calendar year since 1968 attending your service. This is a great activity for schools and churches to join up for.

On the day, have a think how you might bring people together and get everyone sharing memories. Here are some ideas you might like to try as part of your intergenerational service:

  • If there’s enough space in your venue to do this, ask everyone to stand in a line in height order. Then, encourage them to rearrange themselves according their date of birth. This is a great way to get people talking!
  • Ask a few people to share their favourite Christmas tradition or festive memory. Highlight the differences between different generations.
  • If you’ve held a Christingle service for a long time, ask a few people to share their favourite Christingle memory.
  • Ask children or young people to help you plan or lead your service. Christingle is a way for them to engage with the gospel, but also an opportunity for them to share their ideas and faith with the adults in your congregation or community.
  • You might like to finish your service by praying for different groups, including the children we support. Take this opportunity to reflect on what children and young people bring to your community.

We've provided lots more ideas and worship resources for your special Christingle service, including Messy Church Christingle. We also have seasonal worship resources to be used at Advent, Christmas Eve and Candlemas. There’s sure to be something your community can use to help you celebrate.

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