Ideas and inspiration for Christmas carol singing 

choir group singing christmas carols

Take a look at our list of carol singing ideas to help your christmas choir be the absolute best at caroling.


Top ten tips for carol singing

1. Form a merry band

Get some local musicians involved to help spread the festive cheer / drown out the unqualified tenors.  

2. Order some head gear

We’re not talking protective helmets, we’re talking cute Christmassy costumes. Get the kids involved by downloading and printing make-your-own reindeer antlers. 

3. Create festive ambience

From summer, you can order candles and drip shields to make a carol service look extra special. Just keep them away from the woolly jumpers. 

4. Pick the right place

Busy locations are primed for lucrative public performances. Better yet, pick a spot where people are likely to have loose change like supermarkets or the local cash-only restaurant. Make sure you get permission first.

5. Practice makes perfect

Don’t be shy to practise, run through your set beforehand just to make sure it's the best it can be.

6. Arrange a showstopper

Everyone loves a Bez. Why not arrange a tambourine solo (or something) for the middle of one of the carols. The crowd will go absolutely wild. 

7.  Dress to impress

Onesies aren’t just for lounging around the house on a cold winter’s night, they can be a fantastic thermal layer, and a money magnet for Christmas choirs.

8. Grab a bucket

Order collection buckets to let everybody know who you are raising money for. Simply call 0300 3030 555 to place your order. You could also decorate your event with balloons and stickers.

9. Dangle the cake

Lure people in with some baked goods. It never fails. Minced pies, biscuits, whatever is quick and easy, get creative. 

10. Treat yourself

Arrange a meet-up afterwards with mince pies and mulled wine to say thank you for everyone’s hard work. 

There you have it, our top ten tips for successful Christmas caroling. Remember to visit our online shop for all the best props and carol singing lyrics.