Big Quest Little Quest challenge event: An obstacle course for adults and children

Father daughter playing park fun

When: TBC 2019

Where: TBC

About: Big Quest Little Quest is a fun new charity challenge that brings adults and children together for a day of fun and adventure. You can enter the event as an adult-child dynamic duo and challengers will take on an obstacle course that tests both brains and brawn in 25 exciting mini challenges.

You don’t have to be Batman and Robin to take part, but you will need some great teamwork skills and a generous amount of cunning. Think the Crystal Maze but in a summery park.

Big Quest Little Quest is open to any adult and child (aged 6-14) pairing, so long as you’re adventurous enough to take on the challenge. Expect brainteasers, limboing and some serious bonding.  

Interested in taking part in 2019? Contact us below!


Registration fee: £25

Sponsorship target: £30 

We will support you every step of the way

  • Receive first-class service and support from our dedicated team
  • Have access to a wealth of fundraising support and resources
  • Have the experience of taking on an exciting challenge that will make a difference to children and young people who feel scared, unloved and unable to cope. Because together we can make sure no child feels alone.