Children and young people who run away from care are some of the most vulnerable members of our community. They are three times more likely to go missing than children living at home.

And while we might have been lucky enough to form happy childhood memories, young people who go into care, are often not so lucky.

In Annisha’s case, she had been abused and neglected by her parents. When she went into care, she had a roof over her head, but she couldn’t escape the feeling of rejection, loneliness and isolation.

Without feeling like someone loved her and was thinking about her, she ran from care. But while she ran from a sad, unloving place, she fled to something worse – sexual exploitation. 

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By giving today to Annisha’s appeal, and supporting the work of our project workers you could help transform someone’s life, just like Annisha.

A project worker is independent of the care system and provides the kind of compassion, warmth and support that a young person who runs away needs. 

They work with a young person who runs away from care to:

  • listen to their problems
  • discuss what makes them run away from care
  • discourage them from running away
  • offer stability and friendship in a young person’s life

A donation to Annisha’s appeal could make a life-changing difference to a young person who runs away from care. It could mean that they don’t run into the arms of someone who will exploit them. It could mean building the kind of happy childhood memories that some of us were lucky enough to have. 

Button that reads 'Donate now'

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