While your fundraising event should be about having fun, the money you raise has a very serious use. It helps us support children suffering through poverty and neglect in our country.

We're here to help as you plan, promote and fundraise for your fundraising event. Follow our simple five step process and make your event a success.

Step 1: Register and receive our guide

Registration only takes a few minutes and will mean we can send you our fantastic guide packed full of ideas, tips and stories.

It also helps us support you with whatever you decide to do.

Register today.

seven fundraisers dressed as Santa Claus

Step 2: Decide what you are going to do

Organising your own fundraising event is about being imaginative and creative, so think of something you love to do or perhaps something you’ve always wanted to do. But do it for us and do it for the thousands of children that need you to fundraise for them.

Whether you want to carol sing, host a Bake and Brew or come up with your own event, there’s an event for everyone. 

Step 3: Tell us about your event

We want to help make your event, no matter how big or small it is, a hit. Use our online form to tell us about your event.

We can get you started by giving you the tools to raise money online. Using information you provide, we’ll set up a JustGiving page and your own page on our website, which you can share with family and friends.

It won’t take long so register your event with us now.

two people dressed in elephant and tiger

Step 4: Holding your event

So you know what you are going to do and you’ve told us about it – now is the time to do it! We’ll be in touch to offer you resources and advice but take a look round our resource centre as you’ll find most of what you need to make your event a success available to download for free.

We can also offer materials that don’t fit through a computer screen, so check out our online shop for things like balloons, posters and collecting buckets. 

Step 5: Send us any donations (and have a rest)

After your event is complete and and everyone has had a great time while raising lots of money - well, that’s the plan. Regardless, you deserve a well-earned rest.

But we’d like to do what we do best and use the money you’ve raised to help vulnerable children. So please send any donations to us as soon as you can. There are a few ways to do this:

  1. Use your JustGiving page to donate – any money donated through this page will come directly to us and we can even get additional money from Gift Aid.
  2. Pay in online through our website (coming soon).
  3. Send us a cheque – include a note to tell us who you are, what the donation is for, and make cheques payable to The Children’s Society. Then send these documents to:
      Freepost RSYH-HEEE-XZEG
      The Children’s Society
      Edward Rudolf House
      Margery Street
      WC1X 0JL
  4. Use one of our pre-printed giros to pay in to our bank account at any Barclays branch. You can order a giro from our online shop or by calling us at 0300 3030 555.