God's Good Gifts

OUr theme for our Christingle resources in 2009 was God's good gifts, represented by the fruit and the cocktail sticks. All 2009 resources are provided here.

Church resources

All of the Church resources (including those from other themes) can be found in the main Church resources section.

  • Messy Church Christingle - Messy Church is an innovative way for families to come together in church. It focuses on creativity, worship and eating together. Developed by Lucy Moore, Messy Church Team Leader, this new resource will enable you to get messy and explore Christingle in a fun and interactive way.
  • Christingle Express - this great new resource, developed by The Rev'd Mary Moody from Bovingdon Baptist Church, gives an alternative to the Christingle liturgy. With a suggested service outline and a selection of activity ideas, prayers, scripture readings and sermon ideas, this all age resource will help you to tailor Christingle to the needs of your church. 
  • Youth group Christingle - in partnership with the Boys' Brigade, we've developed some creative resources specifically designed to engage youth groups through a range of fun activities. The resources include stories, games and craft ideas for group work, alternative service suggestions and fundraising ideas. 
  • Project cards - tell your church about the work of The Children's Society with these great new project cards. Cut each one out and give them to children to read out or use them to inform your Christingle talk. 

  Service suggestions

Children, youth and schools resources

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Schools resources

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