This summer 9,660 children will be forced to run away from home or care

collage of photos, and the silhouette of one young runaway

These children will be out on the streets fending for themselves and facing unimaginable dangers. Will you help us reach one of these children before an abuser gets their hands on them?

A donation from you today could help protect a child who has been so severely abused or neglected they have no choice but to run away from home.


Help children like 13-year-old Susie

When her abusive father hit her in the face and split her lip, Susie felt she had no choice but to run away. Then one night, out on the street, she was seriously assaulted by a stranger.

Thankfully the police found Susie and called us for support. Our project worker was able give her the immediate care she desperately needed.

The sad truth is that Susie’s story is one of many. Children who run away often feel they have no one to turn to. They take huge risks, like begging or stealing just to survive.  Hungry, lonely and scared, these children are in serious danger of being groomed by predators who want to sexually exploit them. 

Please make a donation today and help us keep one more child safe

We could never have given Susie the vital support she needed without the generosity of people like you. But there are thousands more children out there who will need our support this summer. They have gone through life with no one to count on. Can they count on you now?

Please give all you can today.