We are delighted to be one of the charities to benefit from Pennies from Heaven.

Text stating 'pennies from heaven' and image of a penny

So far, the Barclays Pennies from Heaven scheme has raised almost £125,000 for our work.

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Our relationship with Pennies from Heaven

Tayfund Senyurt, our Donation Processing Manager said: 'The Pennies from Heaven initiative has universal appeal for our supporters. It is easy to set up and provides a way for everyone to contribute to a good cause. We hope that employees across the country encourage their co-workers sign up.'

The Pennies from Heaven team said: 'We are proud to be supporting The Children's Society. The simplicity of our system, which encourages employees to donate the spare pennies of their salaries to worthwhile causes such as The Children's Society, is helping to make a difference to the lives of vulnerable children. The partnership, which has raised over £124,000 so far shows that that spare change can be used to create change!’

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