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We are proud to work with Coinstar, a global leader in self-service coin machines.

Since 2004, Coinstar has helped us raise more than £395,000 and through on-screen promotions, has helped us promote our mission to support the country's most vulnerable children and young people to thousands of people across the country.

The Children’s Society’s Lifeline Coronavirus Appeal provides vital support for children in crisis. Coinstar is proud to support this campaign and consumers are able to donate via a Coinstar machine when they next visit a supermarket where machines are conveniently located.

What our relationship with Coinstar means

Pippa Lock, Head of Corporate Engagement said: 'Coinstar gives our supporters the chance to turn their loose change into life changing donations in an easy and convenient way. Coinstar machines are placed in supermarkets across the country which allows people to make meaningful donations alongside doing their weekly shopping.'

Paul Ogle, Country Manager, said: 'Since 2004, Coinstar has been helping small change add up to something bigger for The Children’s Society. We invite supporters to visit a Coinstar machine and donate their loose change to important causes such as The Children’s Society in a hassle-free and effective way. Before you know it, you have enough change to help The Children’s Society make real change.'

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