Whatever your business there is a good chance you can support our work by donating products for our events, which can provide you with fantastic product placement.

A sales promotion or cause related marketing campaign with The Children's Society can help drive sales, market your brand, product or service to new customers, and re-engage existing ones – all whilst delivering fantastic benefits to our organisation too.

Take the lead from St Saviours Nurseries, who donate 15% of profits from their mail-order cut flower business.

Together, we can:

  • increase your sales as well as positive press and PR coverage
  • enhance access to new markets and audiences
  • increase customer loyalty
  • 'emotionalise' your brand via a commitment to improving children's lives and childhood
  • successfully deliver your community investment goals

For more information and to discuss potential cause related marketing opportunities, please contact corporate partnerships team on 0207 841 4516.