By giving up a little bit of your time, you can help make a massive difference

You can help spread the word about the campaigns we run, visit politicians and decision makers, and hold events that maximise the impact we can have.  

become a campaign champion

 We know that you are busy people, so don’t worry, we’re not asking for a huge commitment of your time. The types of things you’d be doing might include: 

  • Visit your local MP. We can help you arrange a meeting where you’ll be able to tell your MP about the work of The Children’s Society and why it matters to you. You might also visit local councillors or even go along to local council meetings. Read a campaigners' blog about meeting her MP
  • Organise a local event. This could be organising a stunt, arranging for one of our volunteer speakers to come and talk about our work, holding a stall in your local town centre, or even a street party or music event  to engage your local community, friends and family.
  • Attend local meetings. You could join up with local groups or committees already active in your area, linking up campaigning with local fundraising or awareness-raising initiatives. 
  • Reach out to others, tell them about The Children’s Society work and engage them as Campaign Champions too

Find out more about some of the positive changes we've achieved over the last few years: 

find out more about THE CHANGE WE MAkE

If you’re interested, we can support you with the tools, training and campaign materials to deliver change.

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