We campaigned for payday loan adverts to be banned during children's TV shows 

two bears holding a sign about our House of Lords being lobbied 16,707 times in support of a pre-watershed ban on payday loan adverts


Thousands of our supporters campaigned for a ban of payday loan adverts from children’s TV to protect children and young people from these irresponsible ads.

Unfortunately, following a public consultation, the advertising watchdog, the Broadcast Committee of Advertising Practice (BCAP), has announced that they won’t be following our calls for scheduling restrictions. However, they have committed to reviewing the content of adverts to see whether some of them promote irresponsible borrowing to vulnerable people.

Our research has shown that children are exposed to a barrage of payday loan adverts. The majority of 10-17 year olds have said they saw advertising for payday loans ‘often’ or ‘all the time’.

Worryingly, a third of children aged 13-17 said they think the adverts are ‘fun’, ‘tempting’ or ‘exciting’. A number of children say they would consider using payday loans in the future.

We know that short-term high-interest payday loans can plunge parents further into the debt trap, making it difficult for them to afford essentials for their family such as food, heating and clothing. This has a damaging impact on families who are already struggling to make ends meet.

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