Help make sure young refugees get the help they desperately need

Distress signals young refugee

Arriving in the UK should be the start of a better life for young refugees. But unfortunately, we know from our work that this is often not the case. 

For many separated and unaccompanied young people who have fled dangerous situations to make it here safely, arriving in the UK is not the end of their difficult journey. They have to navigate life in a new country, alone. 


Caught between a traumatic past and an uncertain future

Still recovering from past trauma, the long, complex immigration processes they face leave them at risk of self-harm and suicide. They are also at risk of going missing and exploitation. 

These young people are caught between a traumatic past and an uncertain future. They desperately need a trusted person to protect them. 

Support for young refugees in the UK

We’ve teamed up with other organisations to demand the Government takes action to help these vulnerable children. We’re calling on them to introduce independent guardians to support them and look out for their best interests. 

Unaccompanied young people face vulnerabilities as a result of their immigration status and the reality that they are alone, without anyone to act as their parent or guardian. The complex social care, criminal justice and legal systems that they are often involved in can be difficult for them to understand without someone to support them.  

Social workers often do not have the knowledge and capacity to provide this sort of support for children going through immigration processes, meaning that unaccompanied young people can end up struggling.   

Take action to improve the lives of separated children

We will be writing to the Home Secretary to urge her to introduce independent guardians for all separated children in England and Wales. Please add your name in support.   

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