Put public pressure on energy companies to Show Some Warmth to children living in families in energy debt.

It is one year since we launched our campaign Show Some Warmth.

Since then five of the ‘Big Six’ energy companies have made at least one change we recommended

This fantastic result for children and young people in energy debt couldn’t have been achieved without the support of over 6,000 campaigners who signed our petition.

However, energy companies still need to do more to eradicate the use of damaging debt practices to help prevent cold family homes and harm to children's health.

The more pressure from current or potential customers, the more likely that energy companies will listen.

Please Tweet your energy company - everything you need is lower down this page. Don’t worry if you don’t know who your energy provider is, you can still Tweet one of the energy companies listed below.

If you don't use Twitter, use our form to email your energy company.  

Find out how your energy company is treating families in debt on their energy bills.

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If your energy provider is not one of the 'Big Six' companies, please contact Energy UK, the trade association of the energy industry.