School uniform costs force families to break the bank or break the rules

school uniform campaigners outside parliament

The high cost of school uniforms is forcing too many families to either break the bank or break the rules. It doesn't have to be this way.

Average cost of school uniforms

The average cost of secondary school uniforms is £340 per year and the price of specialist items means many families struggle to buy the right gear. 

Why do school uniforms cost so much?

Uniforms should make life easier for parents and children, but right now, unaffordable school uniforms can lead to severe consequences.

Some children face being sent home from school, or even excluded. Others face being bullied if their parents don’t forego basic essentials. 

Help with school uniform costs

Five years ago, the Government promised to cut the cost of school uniform, but it still hasn’t happened.

Now we have the chance to help pass a new law that would make uniforms affordable for families, but we need MPs to support it. 

The Cut the Cost campaign so far...

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On 13th March 2020, Mike Amesbury’s bill on the cost of school uniforms passed through parliament unanimously.

With this bill now entering committee stage, we are able to influence the statutory guidance and ensure that we #CuttheCost of school uniform so that every child is able to attend school without the fear of being excluded or bullied due to their family’s financial situation.