Thanks to our campaigners, the Government reinstated £130 million of funding for local welfare assistance.

Save the last line of defence for vulnerable families

Local welfare assistance schemes are the last line of defence which help families get back on their feet after an emergency.

For these families, this support can be the difference between a temporary financial crisis – like dealing with a broken boiler - and a spiral into debt and outright destitution.

Our campaign to prevent cuts

In December 2013 the Government removed dedicated funding for local welfare provision. This funding provided a vital safety net for families to turn to in an emergency and was a cut too far.  

Thousands of you came together to support our campaign to reinstate funding for this vital scheme. Thanks to your critical support, the Government reinstated £130 million of funding for local welfare assistance, which included an additional £74 million to enable local authorities to put effective schemes in place.

Estimates at the time indicated that this would provide funding to support over 1 million children, which meant that councils across the country had funding to provide this vital safety net. 

Local welfare assistance in your area

If you need support from your local welfare assistance scheme, use our map to access the scheme in your local area.