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Taylor's story

Taylor loves to sing and draw. Today, she is a confident young woman – but it wasn’t always like this. Taylor lost those closest to her when she was young. Desperate for a connection, she got into an abusive relationship and things started to spiral. At her lowest point, she took an overdose. It was only when she met one of our project workers that she started to believe her life could get better. 

Taylor growing up

No one to talk to

As a baby, Taylor lived with her grandparents. Her mum struggled with mental health and her dad wasn't around. When Taylor was 11, her mum was sent to a mental health unit permanently. Then her grandad died. She was alone with her trauma, vulnerable to exploitation. 

Desperate for love, she got into a relationship which quickly turned toxic. Her boyfriend was manipulative, controlling, got her addicted to cocaine. She started missing work, sleeping all day, going on drink and drug binges to numb her pain. Her life was in turmoil, but she didn’t know how to stop.

close up of girl short black hair looking into camera

Taylor battle with drugs

I was looking for warmth in cold places I was looking for warmth in cold places

‘I was so desperate for anything, cause I was lonely and I didn’t even feel like I had myself. I didn’t know who I was. I was just broken. I was being told when to stand up, sit down, when to talk, when to shut up by my boyfriend.’

At her lowest point, Taylor took an overdose and ended up in same mental health unit her mum was being treated in.

‘I was just done. It was either make it or that’s it, so if this is life, I don’t want it, you can have it, take it, I don’t want it.’ 

Photo of Taylor looking defiant

young woman in white t-shirt looking defiant

No more judgement

When Taylor left the unit, she desperately looked for support, but no services would help her until she stopped using drugs. Struggling to quit, she looked online and found The Children Society. 

She gave me hope. She told me all the options that were available. I could see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Taylor being heard

young woman outside smiling

‘I felt like I hadn’t been heard before that. And it was a relief. To finally be honest with someone and have no judgement for it and have someone say this is what you can do and this is how you can do it.'

The more Taylor spoke with Gemma the more she started to understand the emotions and trauma that had cause her so much pain. She realised that she now had someone who would listen to her and support her. For the first time in years, Taylor started to believe that her life could begin to get better. 

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I didn’t feel
like I was
on my own
I didn’t feel like I was on my own

Never stop believing

Taylor’s 24 now. She has come a long way. She is chatty and confident. You’d never know from talking to her how hard she’s had to work to get to where she is today. She has come such a long way. But that’s the difference that having someone who listens to you and believes in you can make. Now Taylor knows the strength she has. She knows she has the power to shape her own future. 

Taylor’s is fascinated by psychology and with our support she’s setting her sights on university. She is so excited to see what life holds for her.

Coming to terms with it

I am optimistic and have only got high hopes I am optimistic and have only got high hopes

Young woman side on looking up hopefully

coming to terms with it

Taylor's future is bright. She wants to work in prisons so she can support people who are struggling and need help. She knows that answers can be found just by taking the time to hear what people have to say.

Dreams are not a bad thing. If I didn’t have those, I don’t think I’d have got to where I am.

young woman stripey shirt looking strong at camera

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This is a true story but names and identifying details have been changed to protect the young person and the photographs are posed by a model.