Free resources for schools and colleges

Use our free resources for schools to talk to students about difficult issues.
Inspire students to help the most vulnerable young people in your community and beyond.

Children’s well-being and mental health

Children’s well-being in this country is the lowest it’s been since 2010. We want to help change that.

Use our ground-breaking research and tools to talk to your students about topics like self-esteem, school life and their neighbourhood.

Child sexual exploitation

Schools play an important role in protecting young people from harmful relationships by spotting the first signs of abuse.

We can help students learn how to make informed choices about relationships so they can protect themselves from harm. 

Poverty and debt

We’re committed to listening to children and uncovering how poverty and debt feels through young eyes.

We’ve been trusted for more than a century for our expertise on how poverty and debt harm children.

Let’s do something about it. 

Young carers

For decades, we have been leaders in work to ensure better identification and support for young people with caring responsibilities. We now support schools with our Young Carers in Schools award.

Identify and support young carers in your school.

Find local statistics and facts

Use our local stats packs to find out about the pressing issues in your local area and find out about our recommendations to change these.

You can also use our resources to support us locally - whether that be getting involved in our campaigns, donating clothes to one of our shops, or inviting one of our speakers to come and speak to your students.

Church of England schools

Our close partnership with the Church of England has been important to our work since we were founded more than a century ago.

All of our resources are relevant for Church of England schools, but here you can find unique packs to run sessions focused on faith. We want to work with every school which shares our values, schools of all faiths and none.

Only together can we make a difference.

Get involved today

Young people’s opinions, concerns and determination are at the heart of our work.

Use our resources to inspire students to help the most vulnerable young people in their community and beyond. Whether it’s by contacting your local council, gaining work experience in our shops, or taking part in a magical Christingle.

Help us make small changes that make a big difference.