a report on the cost of school uniforms

Based on a survey of around 1000 parents, this report provides updated findings on the costs of school uniforms. The research shows that the cost of school uniform has increased for both primary and secondary school uniforms between 2015 and 2018, with more families cutting back on basic essentials and getting into debt as a result of school uniform costs.

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Sam Royston, Rebecca Jacques
Policy and lobbying
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A boy, about age 10, in a school uniform

The Wrong Blazer: Time for action on school uniform costs

Based on The Children’s Commission on Poverty's research and a survey of 1000 parents, this report explores the issue of school uniform costs, showing that on average parents overspend on school uniforms by £170 per child each year. Parents say that this leads to children going to school in ill-fitting school uniforms, being sent home from school or to families cutting back on food or other basic essentials.

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February 2015
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