The aims of this research is to provide an estimate of the amount of young children in South Yorkshire under the age of 16 who run away, to gather their experiences and those of professionals who work with young people, and to facilitate a process of discussion within and between groups of key stateholders in South Yorkshire.

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Emilie Smeaton and Gwyther Rees
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Here to listen?

Most children who run away from home do so because of neglect, abuse, family conflict or drug and alcohol misuse. Return Interviews help address problems that caused a child to go missing, reduce further instances of running and find out if a child came to harm. Return interviews are also a vital tool in disrupting abuse and sexual exploitation and providing evidence for prosecutions of the perpetrators.

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August 2013
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Making runaways safer

Our report details some of the good practices in place around the country. This ranges from North Tyneside’s runaways’ support officer whose job is to improve their data collection and analysis of missing children, to the development of a hub by Derby City Council, where different agencies sit together and assess the risks posed to each child who has run away. We are keen to continue working with local authorities to further improve the support young runaways receive.

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September 2013
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