This is an information sheet that reports on the programme of work concerning disabled children and young people. Included are summaries of an analysis of the 2008 well-being survey in mainstream schools, qualitative research with disabled children and young people, development of accessible well-being measures to be used within the evaluation framework and development of an accessible 2010 well-being survey.

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Anita Franklin
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Portsmouth survey of children and young people 2014

Our survey provides a unique insight into the lives of children and young people aged seven to 18 living in Portsmouth. Over 4,100 children and young people in 16 primary schools, six secondary schools, two colleges and one Special Educational Needs school participated in the survey.

The aim of undertaking the survey is to identify the aspects of life where children in Portsmouth are doing well and those where they are not doing so well, in order to identify potential local priorities for improving well-being.

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June 2014
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