Our report, created with StepChange Debt Charity, reveals the true scale of problem debt for children - and the huge impact it's having on their lives. The report lifts the lid on how 2.5 million children are living in families with problem debt, behind on £4.8billion of payments on household bills and loan repayments.

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Sam Royston and Joseph Surtees
Policy and lobbying
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Through Young Eyes - full report

Our Through Young Eyes report is a survey of almost 2,000 children, giving the most up-to-date snapshot of how children are affected by poverty in the UK today, as well as their expectations for the future. The report was released marking the launch of the first-ever Children’s Commission on Poverty - a unique opportunity for children to join forces and closely examine for themselves, the stark realities facing thousands of families living under the poverty line.

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October 2013
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Who bears the burden

Our collection of essays sets the practical challenges of child poverty and debt’s impact on children into a theological context. Reflecting on these issues in the light of how we understand God raises some important questions.

This collection offers some theological reflections about the impact of debt on children and explores the ways in which churches and charities can respond. The essays remind us that, for Christians, words are never enough: they need to take flesh in lives and communities transformed by God’s justice and his love.

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May 2014
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