Our organisation is committed to ensuring that children receive both the best start in life and the best chance for a positive future. One way we seek to achieve this is through our network of more than 40 children’s centres across England.
We know that there are many challenges to engaging families that most need this support. Our report outlines the barriers disadvantaged families face to accessing children’s centres and how these can be overcome.

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Dr Sam Royston and Laura Rodrigues
Policy and lobbying
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Consultation on revised Sure Start children's centres statutory guidance

This is a completed questionnaire concerning children's centres. We believe the guidance would be more helpful if it provided some examples to give local authorities support in identifying families that live in their area that are most at risk of poor outcomes.

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January 2012
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The Right Start: How to access families from birth and support early intervention

Despite government statutory guidance, our research finds that almost half of local authorities are not providing live birth data to children's centres in their area. The sharing of live birth data provides children's centre with information to get in touch with families to let them know about the important services delivered from children's centres.

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July 2014
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