Policing and Crime Bill - Second Reading - House of Lords

Joint briefing from The Children's Society, Barnardo's, NSPCC and Action for Children for members of the House of Lords in advance of the Second Reading of the Policing and Crime Bill.  The Bill offers an opportunity to extend protection for 16 and 17 victims of child sexual exploitation.

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Lucy Capron
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The cover of our 'Old enough to know better?' report

Old enough to know better?: Why sexually exploited teenagers are being overlooked - Full report

We work with hundreds of teenagers each year at risk of, or experiencing sexual exploitation. We see that too often 16 and 17 year olds are particularly at risk, not identified as victims and let down by the law which doesn't give them the same protection as younger children. This report on how child sexual exploitation affects older teenagers, follows on from our broad report, Seriously Awkward: How vulnerable 16-17 year olds are falling through the cracks. It examines what happens when an older teenager reveals they are being exploited, and what can be done to improve protection and support.

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November 2015
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the cover of our Seriously Awkward report

Seriously Awkward: Summary report

At The Children’s Society we work with thousands of teenagers each year. We see that too often the most vulnerable older teenagers are being let down by the law and not getting basic protections to keep them safe, healthy and happy. We estimate that half a million 16 and 17 year olds face particular risk of harm because they are already dealing with multiple issues such as poverty, poor health or a lack of supportive relationships. This period of adolescence is known as an awkward age, but the challenges are seriously awkward for the most vulnerable teenagers falling between the cracks of childhood and adulthood.

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June 2015
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