Persistent credit card debt - response to FCA consultation

The Children’s Society’s response to the Financial Conduct Authority’s consultation - CP17/10 Credit card market study: consultation on persistent debt and earlier intervention remedies.

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Iain Porter
Policy and lobbying
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Families experiencing problem debt

This document summarises are most recent evidence supporting our debt trap campaign. It presents data from new polling that finds families with children are much more likely to be struggling with problem debt than those who do not have parenting responsibilities. 

Date published 
March 2017
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The Debt Trap: Exposing the impact of problem debt on children

Our report, created with StepChange Debt Charity, reveals the true scale of problem debt for children - and the huge impact it's having on their lives. The report lifts the lid on how 2.5 million children are living in families with problem debt, behind on £4.8billion of payments on household bills and loan repayments.

Date published 
May 2014
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The Damage of Debt cover

The Damage of Debt: The impact of money worries on children's mental health and well being

This report examines the links between problem debt and the mental health and emotional well-being of children and young people.

The report highlights how debt makes parents, children and young people feel anxious, out of control, ashamed and alone. Problem debt across the country is putting the mental health and well-being of children at risk, with almost a quarter of children in problem debt-ridden households feeling unhappy with their lives.

It recommends the Government creates a breathing space for families, with time to repay their debts with no rising fees or visits from intimidating bailiffs.

Date published 
September 2016
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Queen's speech debate briefing on child poverty, problem debt and welfare reform

Briefing for parliamentarians in advance of the Queen's speech debates: child poverty, problem debt and welfare reform. 

Date published 
June 2017
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