Good Childhood Report 2020

The Good Childhood Report 2020 is our ninth annual report on the well-being of children in the UK.

As well as presenting predominant trends in well-being, our reports seek to understand the experiences of children who have low well-being - what enhances and hinders children’s happiness. We have made every effort to reflect children’s own views in the reports, working with children to identify and focus on topics that they tell us are important, in addition to being guided by the available evidence.

Alongside the report, young people have created two guides: a friendship guide for young people and how adults can help young people with friendships

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Good Childhood Report 2019

The Good Childhood Report 2019

Since 2009 children and young people have become increasingly unhappy. Based on the latest figures we estimate a quarter of a million children are unhappy with their lives, with factors like friends, school and appearance all playing a role.

We are calling on the Government to introduce national measurement of well-being for all children aged 11-18 to be undertaken through schools and colleges once a year. This would enable the experiences of young people to be recorded and issues acted upon for future generations.

The Good Childhood Report 2019 is the eighth in our annual series and alongside the latest trends in children’s well-being, also looks at family, financial circumstance, multiple disadvantage and what children and young people think about the future.

Read our interactive summary.

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August 2019
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