College of Policing - Missing People Guidance consultation

This consultation response outlines the changes we want to see made to the College of Policing's guidance on how police forces should respond to missing children and adults.

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Richard Crellin
Policy and lobbying
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Still Running 3: Early findings from our third national survey of young runaways 2011 - Full report

The main aim of the study is to provide up-to-date findings on rates and experiences of running away comparable with the two previous surveys conducted in 1999 and 2005, and also to provide new insights into the links between running away and other aspects of children’s lives.

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January 2011
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ACPO guidance on the management, investigation and recording of missing persons - response

The suggested amendments to the guidance should ensure that young people's needs are better supported and they get the appropriate response from agencies.

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January 2010
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Revised Statutory Guidance on Children Missing from home and care - response

This document is a response to the statutory guidance on children missing from home and care, providing recommendations on the document's helpfulness and clarity.

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January 2009
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Joint APPG inquiry into looked-after children and care leavers who run away – Children's Rights Director for England

This submission is based upon children's views secured for the Children's Rights Director's report in 2006, "Running Away: A Children's View Report" and recent data collected for an updated report.

Date published 
January 2012
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