Young boyOur report, How happy are our children: Measuring children's wellbeing and exploring economic factors, outlines what we know about the quality of children's lives - as rated by children themselves - and makes the case for a long-standing commitment to the exploration and measurement of children’s subjective well being.

Read the report now. Also, take a look at the initial findings from the report.

Given the current economic climate, and the cuts in government expenditure, it is critically important to understand how decisions taken today will affect the well-being of our future generation. 

So this report also summarises key findings from our research programme regarding the links between traditional measures of a family’s economic circumstances, for example, household income or employment, and children's well-being. Some more detailed findings on this topic are also available.

We want to make sure that the government includes children as well as adults in their plans to measure the well-being of the nation. 

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