2. A positive view of themselves and an identity that is respected

Children need to see themselves in a positive light, and deserve to feel, and be, respected by all adults and other children. Our evidence shows that how children feel about their appearance, whether they are being bullied, and whether they believe that their voice is being heard, are key drivers of their well-being. 

  • Feelings about appearance are strongly associated with well-being. Children who do not have clothes to fit in with their peers are over three times as likely to have low well-being.
  • Children who were bullied two or three times in the space of a few months were nearly four times as likely to have low well-being as those who had not been bullied.
  • Children who feel their views are taken seriously and that they are treated fairly in key areas of their lives have a more positive view of themselves, resulting in greater well-being.*
* Goswami H (2011), Social Relationships and Children’s Subjective Well-being. London: Springer