1. The conditions to learn and develop 

Children need to be given the conditions to learn and develop. This includes cognitive and emotional development, fostered through access to play in the early years and high quality education in school, and physical development, for example through a nutritious diet. 

  • The majority of children enjoy school activities (63%) and feel that they learn a lot at school (72%). However one in 10 children is unhappy about their relationships with teachers, and one in six is unhappy about the amount they feel listened to at school.
  • Children who felt they had been unfairly treated by their teacher on more than one occasion were four times more likely to have low levels of happiness at school than children who did not feel unfairly treated.
  • Children are twice as likely to rate their health as bad or very bad if living in poorer households. Children who self-report having a long-standing illness or disability are twice as likely to have low well-being than those who do not.