Past events

Social policy in an unequal world conference, York, July, 2012
Academics from all over the world gathered together for one of the most significant conferences of social policy researchers in the UK in recent times. Two of the biggest social policy associations in the world - the Social Policy Association (SPA) and the East Asian Social Policy research network (EASP) – joined forces to host the conference at the University of York.

Sixth annual Edward Rudolf lecture, London, January 2012
In Westminster, the Archbishop of York delivered the keynote speech at our annual Edward Rudolf Lecture. The speech focused on children's well-being and on the importance of listening to children's voices, stable families and communities, and financial equality.

International Society for Child Indicators conference, York, July 2011
This exciting three-day conference was the third organised by the International Society for Child Indicators (ISCI), an international group of experts, practitioners and researchers in the field worldwide. The theme of the 2011 conference was 'Children's Well-Being: The Research & Policy Challenges'.