The Good Childhood Report 2015

Looking after children's well-being
A collaboration by The Children's Society and The University of York.

Read our interactive report

Find out where children in England sit when compared to other children globally. The interactive reports lets you compare and contrast how young people in different countries rate their own well-being with regards to school, bullying and self image.

What is the Good Childhood Report?

The Good Childhood Report provides information on the well-being of children from 15 countries, across four continents. Read more about the report.

This year’s findings

An outline of the findings from the Good Childhood Report from this year. Covering what children in England say about school,bullying and body image.

What subjective well-being is and why it matters

Why we have asked children about their experiences of childhood today and how they rated them. We looked at a number of aspects of their lives from their home environment to their relationships at school.

Read our full report

Read the full report including the foreword and discussion of our results by downloading it from our website.

Good Childhood Report 2015: Support from professionals

Professionals including psychotherapist Lucy Beresford and NUT deputy secretary general Kevin Courtney have endorsed the Good Childhood Report 2015 and have called for consideration of the results when planning children's services.