‘We bring something different to the research. By getting involved it's showing people that we are able to do what other people can do. Also, by helping to plan the services it's getting us involved in what essentially will affect us.’ Jo


Viper is a research project that explores the most effective ways of enabling young disabled people’s participation in the development of services.

We worked with 16 disabled children and young people who advised us on the project and carried out their own research.

The report and supporting evidence was published in February, 2013. The key findings are:

  • Many disabled young people are still being excluded from participation and decision making opportunities
  • Disabled young people's participation is not fully embedded in strategic, service level or individual decision making
  • Basic access needs to support disabled young people's participation are not being met
  • There is a lack of feedback and understanding of the impact of disabled young people's participation.

This three year project was funded by The Big Lottery Fund and led by NCB Research Centre, Council for Disabled Children, Alliance for Inclusive Education and ourselves.