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Following on from our safeguarding survey below, we are now beginning a piece of work that looks at a range of public attitudes towards children and young people. We expect to have some initial findings at the end of the year.

Public attitudes to safeguarding children

In one of the first surveys of its kind in the UK, we asked over 2,000 people to identify the biggest risks for children aged six to 15 years old in a number of different scenarios. 

 Among the key findings were:

  • 77% said children were exposed to a high level of risk when parents did not know their whereabouts in the evening. Girls were more likely to be considered to be at high risk (82%) than boys (73%).
  • The same number were very alarmed about parents who failed to arrange medical help for children when they needed it (eg no trip to the dentist for those with persistent toothache).
  • Six out of ten said children ridiculed by parents were at risk of emotional trauma (eg called 'stupid' by their parents).
  • Half those surveyed worried about parents who ignored the emotional needs of their children, when they were upset by their friends.
  • 47% thought isolating children and keeping them away from friends represented a high risk of harm.
  • Being slapped by parents as a standard punishment was only seen as a high risk by 33% (14% said it was 'very high risk').

Read our report Public attitudes to safeguarding children.