The second wave of our large-scale survey of children's subjective well-being was administered in primary and secondary schools in England. This wave includes eight and nine year olds, as well as the older age groups covered in the 2008 survey.
This survey has allowed us to validate new multi-item measures for our longer index of children's well-being, and to test ideas that we have about the factors that are associated with high or low well-being.
It has also supported the development of our new deprivation index, a measure using 10 key items that children feel are necessary for a ‘normal kind of life’. This gives us an insight into what it means to be poor from the child’s own perspective.
We have published findings from the 2010/11 survey in a range of reports that study the impact of economic factors and material deprivation on the subjective well-being of children.
We have also carried out additional surveys to include a more diverse range of young people outside of mainstream schools, in particular those in special schools and pupil referral units.

Further information

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