Mother and son reading together

A child's relationship with their parents is key to them having a good childhood. The Children's Society recognises and supports the wide diversity of family structures and significant relationships in which children are raised.

Of greatest importance is a lifelong commitment to children by those adults with primary care and responsibility for their care and upbringing. We recognise the change in our society and culture; policies and attitudes need to keep up with these changes.

Parents and other significant adults in children’s lives need to maintain their commitment to their children and endeavour to get along in the interests of the child, even when faced with the most challenging and stressful personal circumstances – including when couples separate.

How separations are handled, how well informed and included children are about what’s going on and how much conflict they see between their parents all contribute to how secure and happy they feel at this time. The level of support they receive from within and outside the family is crucial in determining how separation will affect each child.