In partnership with the Church in Wales, we work seek to influence policies and legislation in Wales that affects the children and young people we work with

We learn from our national practice work and our groundbreaking research to identify solutions to the problems children and young people in Wales with serious and multiple disadvantages face. We then lobby the Welsh government, local authorities and other decision-makers to ensure positive change.

We do this by giving information to assembly members, councillors, police and crime commissioners and others. We often ask assembly members or other elected officials to ask the Welsh government or council cabinet members questions about what they are doing for children and young people and how new laws or policies will impact on the well-being and rights of children and young people. We also meet and talk to these decision-makers about new and old laws or policies and arrange for young people to meet with them.

To make sure that elected politicians listen to what we have to say, we often work with other organisations that also speak out for children and young people.

We have produced a range of resources for local decision-makers on the issues that affect the children and young people we work with.

You can find your local data pack using the map below. We have compiled packs that focus on:

  • Council area
  • Parliamentary/Welsh area constituency
  • Police force area

We can work together to improve services for children

We're dedicated to helping the most disadvantaged and we want to work with MPs, Councillors, and Police and Crime Commissioners to improve services for children.

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