For the children we work with, many of the major decisions affecting their lives happens locally.

young man sitting on a bench

Increasingly, more and more powers are being transferred from Westminster to local areas and so our local influencing work is becoming more of a priority for us.

These decisions could be the support available to children in care, whether their local authority offers return interviews to all children who go missing or how the local police support children at risk.

We tell local decision makers what children think about their area, what they think about their lives and what they would change. We also try and change local policies so that they are better for children and young people.

We do this by appearing before committees, giving information to locally elected officials - such as councillors, mayors and police and crime commissioners - and responding to consultations. We also meet with local decision makers and support young people to meet key decision-makers in their area.

Find out more about local influencing work, including consultation responses or get your local data pack.