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We are working to create a country where every child has somewhere to turn, wherever they are. We can only do this by coming together and making sure no child feels alone.

We respond to government proposals, inform parliamentarians about our key concerns, and provide briefings suggesting solutions

Our policy team learn from our national practice base and our groundbreaking research to find solutions to the problems children are facing today and lobby the government to change these.

We have championed disadvantaged children throughout our 130-year history, and today our policy work is focused on these groups of disadvantaged children:

By focusing our efforts on the most marginalised or discriminated young people we strive to ensure that every child has a good childhood.

Our policy work

We work closely with both national and local government. We actively engage with ministers, their advisors and civil servants to influence policy development and set out policy solutions. This includes conducting policy analysis and research to inform government policy and submitting responses to government consultations. We are seeking to more actively influence local government as they are given greater discretion to determine priorities and resourcing.

Our policy recommendations are backed by sound research evidence and the experience of the young people we work with. We also work in partnership with those who share our goals, including think tanks, other voluntary sector organisations and agencies to share experiences and maximise our impact.

Read our most recent consultation responses.

Our influencing work

We work with decision makers at both the national and local level to tell what children and young people want and what they think about their lives. We try and change the Government’s law and policies, in Westminster, the Welsh Assembly and at a local council level so that they are better for children and young people.

Nationally, in Westminster we provide the secretariat to the All Party Parliamentary Group on Missing Children and Adults, hold events, and brief MPs and Members of the House of Lords. Read our parliamentary briefings.

Locally, we draft council motions, work closely with officers in local government and Councillors, and respond to local consultations. Read more about our local influencing work.

In partnership with the Church in Wales, we work to influence policies and change legislation at the Welsh Assembly level. Read more about our influencing work in Wales.

Equipping local decision makers

In advance of the 2018 party conferences we updated our local constituency packs for new MPs

We work to influence policy by giving information to decision makers, briefing them before important debates or decisions are made, asking questions to the Government and amending legislation and local council policies.

Our work with young people is integral to helping us identify the issues where legal, policy and regulatory change is really needed and we work closely with young people to help them present their stories and experiences directly to politicians and policy-makers.

We equip decision makers across the country with information about the needs of children and young people in their local area is a core part of our work and we have produced local data packs for:

  • councils
  • constituencies
  • police forces

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Child poverty

Unacceptably, 4 million children live in poverty in the UK

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Child refugees and young migrants

We aim to ensure that laws and policies help keep child refugees and migrants safe and protect their rights, regardless of their immigration status or nationality.

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Children at risk

Learn how we work with children at risk who run away from home or care because of conflict, abuse or neglect.

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Consultation responses

Our responses help develop policies affecting children.

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Local influencing work

Many of the decisions taken that affect children's lives are made in parliament and in their local area.

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4 million

children live in poverty in the UK.

Through our policy work we support these children

Local Welfare Assistance

Find out more about welfare assistance schemes near you.