We utilise our research and practice base to find solutions to the problems children face, and lobby the government to act.
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Local influencing work

Many of the decisions taken that affect children's lives are made in parliament and in their local area.

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Child poverty

Unacceptably, 3.7 million children live in poverty in the UK

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Consultation responses

Our responses help develop policies affecting children.

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Children at risk

Learn how we work with children at risk who run away from home or care because of conflict, abuse or neglect.

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Young refugees and migrants

We aim to ensure that laws and policies help keep young refugees and migrants safe and protect their rights as children, regardless of their immigration status or nationality.

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Parliamentary work

We tell members of parliament (MPs) and peers what children and young people want and what they think about their lives.

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More about our policy and lobbying work

We respond to government proposals, lobby on legislation, inform parliamentarians about our key concerns, and provide briefings suggesting solutions.

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Policy events

Our policy team organises events related to issues that concern children and families.



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Our volunteers are vital to helping tackle the causes of poverty and neglect that harm children's lives

3.7 million

children live in poverty in the UK.

Through our policy work we support these children.